Project SimpleTree - Development moved to Computree platform

Dear interested user. You will find on this homepage my phd work. I found a follow up post doctoral position and continued improving my method within the open source framework Computree. I extended my method to work on plot level and I am providing Windows executables of my plugin within Computree.

As I improved my method quite a bit already I highly recommend using the new software. You can get an impression of the capabilities from the following video tutorial:

You need to have a Computree user account (free) to be able to download. My new contact email is, although I still check my Allumni email.

I cannot update this homepage anymore according to my new progress but you still might find here valuable resources, especially in the statistic section.

    Update December 21th, 2015

A newer version of this software exisist. The user has now the option to model the lower part of the stem with a more robust method. Up to a user defined height cylinders can be fitted more robustely. The method is described in the user interface as well as discussed in a video on youtube:

The mentioned youtube channel contains also other video material, such as some statistic tutorials about the csv output and how to process the output in R.

    Update November 24th, 2015

A pulication presenting the software reached the status accepted - SimpleTree —An Efficient Open Source Tool to Build Tree Models from TLS Clouds. The homepage was updated. In the Tutorials section chapters were added as well as an update in the Data. section occurred. The list of references in Contribution was updated with a new look and feel.

    Update September 7th, 2015

Fixed minor bug where allometry routine was utilized as soon optimization is performed even if allometry usage was de-activated.

    Update September 7th, 2015 - Bug fix in work - visualizer is slow but works

A bug being related to PCL Visualizer class is being fixed.

After compiling the newest developer branch (newest PCL Version 1.8.0) of PCL SimpleTree got some computational problems in the visualization procedure. As soon as one visualized model has to be removed from the screen the program freezes for about 2 minutes. I.e. only the first modeling can be performed fast.

Work is performed by Victor Lamoine on PCL, see here.

Edit : A working bug fix seems to be done by Victor Lanoine, without warranty I expect this to be included in the developer branch within the next hours or days. If needed installation instructions for the fix can be found in the link above.

    Update August 21th, 2015 - Major new release

A major release in accordance with a submitted manuscript about this software is released.

  • The software now includes an automated parameter search for parameter improvements. This approach is discussed in the manuscript which is still under review.
  • The allometry approach to improve overestimted cylinders discussed in Statistics and Allometry section is implemented as well.
  • The UI is reworked to give access to new functionality
    • One button computes a loaded cloud as before, but giving possibility via two Dialogs to use new functionality.
    • Another button allows to build a pipeline to run a full modeling for all clouds contained in a folder with all functionality. All threholds can be set freely here.
    • Four buttons have prebuild pipelines included to build models for four different data sets to reproduce results in the mentioned publication.
    • Another four pipeline buttons are included to fully automatically denoise the raw data of the used data sets.
    • All buttons (including the old ones) have detailed documentation about functionality.
    • Functionality is implemented to save and reload a certain camera position. This is beneficial for publication screen shots.
  • The code was given a better object oriented design.

    Update July, 2015 - Integration of Algorithm to CompuTree

Integration of SimpleTree algorithm into CompuTree started. Not all functionalities are available, only the major SphereFollowing cylinder detection routine. Modularization of Computree allows efficient combination of various plugins. In the left picture you can see a segmented single scan point cloud, detection of trees and ground is performed with other computree plugins. For each tree cloud a cylinder model is build in the right screen shot, as well as a detailed digital elevation model.

    Update May 10th, 2015

  • Relicence of open data - please pay attention
  • Several bug fixes
  • Start of code refactoring
  • Implemented fully automatic denoise and model building methods for some data sets.

    Update April 6th, 2015

  • Implemented ICP to allign two clouds into same coordinate system
  • Some additional basic information are given now when models are computed in visualization window (DBH, height and total volume)
  • Fixed a bug leading to a crash when using intensity threshold filter on some clouds

    Update March 27th, 2015

Github responds to an DDOS attack. Repository is affected. GitHub Status

    Update March 25th, 2015

Implemented following fixes:

  • Order and BranchID now in according to new stem detection
  • Renamed Output

    Update March 16th, 2015

Implemented following fixes:

  • Fixed wrong coordinates in point picking event
  • fixed crash in point picking event

    Update March 11th, 2015

Implemented following fixes:

  • Updated Userinterface
  • fixed Bug in Stem detection
  • fixed Visualizer Bug with vanishing Point Cloud
  • Added Screenshot function
  • Added Set Backgroundcolor function

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