Project SimpleTree - Development moved to Computree platform

Dear interested user. You will find on this homepage my phd work. I found a follow up post doctoral position and continued improving my method within the open source framework Computree. I extended my method to work on plot level and I am providing Windows executables of my plugin within Computree.

As I improved my method quite a bit already I highly recommend using the new software. You can get an impression of the capabilities from the following video tutorial:


You need to have a Computree user account (free) to be able to download. My new contact email is, although I still check my Allumni email.

I cannot update this homepage anymore according to my new progress but you still might find here valuable resources, especially in the statistic section.

    Project SimpleTree

SimpleTree is a software implementing a method to build quantitative structure models of trees. Those models allow qualification and quantification of biomass distribution both within tree and plot level. The models consist of cylinders ordered in an hierachical tree structure allowing an easy and efficient extraction of relevant tree parameters in external software like R.

The project was funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research BMBF within the Lin2Value project (2012-2015).

    Software SimpleTree - Introduction video

An introduction video showing the potential of tree models using TLS data (right click to play the video). The video is also accessible as a download DOWNLOAD here. Jhonny Dodds Trio Music by Jhonny Dodds Trio.

Software SimpleTree is written in C++ relying on the Point Cloud Library. The method was implemented in earlier software versions in Java and used for two peer-reviewed publications, listed in the Contribution section.

If you are interested in working with my software continue to the Software section. The software relies on the Point Cloud Library published under BSD liscence. All SimpleTree classes are published under BSD liscence.

»SimpleTree Software

    Open Data

Non-sensitiv data regarding planned publications are available under the Non Commercial Share Alike 4.0.

Open data


I here-by would like to express my gratitude and appreciation to Prof. Spiecker who gave me the opportunity to materialize my ideas through this project.

I am really grateful to my family, to all my collagues and friends who supported me during the last three years.

I would also like to thank my father who was a great inspiration for me to become a scientist. My final thanks go to Prof. Pebesma and the endless list of people who gave me deeper insight in the usage and development of free software.

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